10 Key Style Standards That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

While fashion fads come and go, there are some timeless style guidelines that never go out of style. Here are ten basic tips that every woman should be aware of.

  • Stick with your ‘look' once you've found it

While we encourage you to try new things, you'll notice that some of the world's most stylish men and women base their clothes on one or two main looks. Build your wardrobe around the appearance that makes you feel most at ease (jeans, shirt, and jacket; nipped-waist skirt and blouse; leggings and oversized T-shirt).

  • Take a look at men's attire

You never know what you'll find in the men's section, whether it's a wonderful enormous pinstripe shirt or an unique T-shirt to slip into a skirt. Don't let the gender on the label stop you from trying new things.

  • Dress for your body type, not for the latest fashion trends

Trends can pique our interest, but when we try something on, it just doesn't seem to fit our style — that's good! The most stylish people are those who are comfortable in their own skin, regardless of whether their dress is ‘in' or not, according to an old adage: ‘trends fade, style endures.'

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  • Make an investment in quality underwear

How many times have you gone out in a gorgeous clothing only to suffer from the dreaded "double boob" as a result of an ill-fitting bra? The remainder of your clothing will flow over your underwear beautifully if it's nice, so invest the time and money on good knickers and bras.

  • Don't try to "rescue" your clothing

Okay, a ball gown has its time and place, but why store some of your favorite pieces in a drawer simply because you don't have a "occasion" to wear them to? Make the event happen! Those leather leggings will look great with a casual sweater, and the lovely floor-length flowery skirt will go nicely with a plain T-shirt and shoes for a day at the supermarket.

  • Accessories may completely change the look of a person

Investing in superb accessories is the best way to embody a trend in a chic and discreet approach. Consider the Grecian goddess look of this season: a simple maxi dress may be transformed with an arm cuff and a big gold necklace.


  • Your LBD is the finest buddy you've ever had

Too frequently, we are at a loss for what to wear, or an ensemble that we were certain would work out doesn't. Your little black dress is your best buddy when it comes to last-minute style decisions. Not only is it a tried-and-true look, but it can also be completely transformed by adding a few jewels and a pair of killer heels.

  • In the store, buy clothes that fit you

It may sound stupid, but how many of us have bought a pair of trousers or a dress with the hopes of eventually growing or shrinking into it? It's pointless to spend money on something you won't be able to wear straight away or that you'll have to work hard to fit into! Purchase clothing that fits well, flatters you, and makes you feel at ease in the present.

  • Take good care of your valuables

If you're going to spend the money, you might as well get your money's worth and make those designer purses last. Heel those shoes, take that stunning winter coat to the dry cleaners as instructed, and keep those designer purses in their dust-bags when not in use; if you're going to spend the money, you might as well get your money's worth and make them last.

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